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Irrigation Makes Watering Easy

Your grass, flowers, and shrubs need the right amount of water to grow and remain healthy. Grounds Maintenance Services Inc. provides customers in our sevice area with the right watering equipment. We do irrigation design, installation and maintenance that takes the guesswork out of watering. The systems we install prevent under-watering and overwatering.

Equipped for Proper Watering

We offer residential and commercial irrigation services ranging from new irrigation systems for new homes to irrigation systems for football and baseball fields. Complement your irrigation system with rain, moisture, and freeze sensors that save money by reducing water waste.

Let us help you avoid costly time-consuming repairs by locating any underground wires and valves with our equiment. This allows us to trace lines in a reasonable amount of time, which saves you money on repairs because we won't have to dig up your yard to find them.

Our 20 years of experience with irrigation systems includes doing repair and maintenance for existing systems in homes, schools, and other locations.